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Then, of course, Clay had been the one nude porn indian women that came over to help her get up. Which had been going from bad to worse. She had taken one look at the hand he held out to her, and her mind had suddenly flashed on the idea of those hands of his moving on her body, caressing her from her waist to her breasts, his fingers stroking her nipples. He had nice hands, supple and strong, and curiously gentle. She had just stayed there on the ground for a moment, blushing, trying to compose her thoughts, before she let him help her stand up.

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‘I hope he didn’t indian ghost movie notice me blushing. I wonder if he noticed how erect my nipples were, or the way they pushed against my shirt? Oh, God, I hope not.вЂ

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At this rate, she indian pussy was never going to get to sleep tonight.

‘And, im a indian outlaw speaking of breasts...вЂ

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Sarah suddenly realized that she had asia indian fuck become incredibly aware of her own breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and, as she rolled over in her lonely bed, her nightgown rubbed against them, teasing them even further. Teasing was all well and good, but she’d been teasing herself, one way or another, all week long. Not to mention tonight, at the dinner party

She wondered what in hell hot naked indian women had possessed her to sit there and stare at Clay’s very fine ass that evening? Well, it was certainly more interesting than the dinner itself had been, even with all those good-looking men wearing tuxedos and dress uniforms

‘I was *leering* at him, for God’s pictures of huge indian men sake,’ she scolded herself. ‘Of course, Webb does have a nice ass; hell, he has a fantastic ass, the kind that makes me just want to... Okay, if I’m going to get *any* sleep tonight, I need to drag my mind out of the gutter it’s currently inhabiting,’ she sternly told herself

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She wondered if Senora Ramirez, who had been sitting across from indian wedding sexual customs her at dinner, had known what she was thinking--or worse, feeling? Probably, but the Spanish Ambassador’s wife had looked like she thought the not-so-subtle glances they’d been throwing each other all evening long incredibly amusing. Sarah sincerely hoped that no one else, especially her self-obsessed partner, had noticed what had been going on

‘Well, I’m obviously not free indian nude pictures going to get any sleep this way. Good-bye, nightgown!’ The skimpy silk gown flew threw the air and landed on a chair. ‘Two points!’ she silently exulted

God, it felt name of indian pron models with sex pictures free sites wonderful to take her clothes off. There had been times tonight when she was sure everyone could see her nipples, straining at the bodice of her gown. She wondered if Clay had noticed them at dinner. Oh, why did this always happen? Why couldn’t she get her mind out of the gutter tonight

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And Webb had looked *so* attractive in indian nudes pics that tuxedo. There had been a moment tonight, when they were standing together, alone, in the hallway outside of her apartment, when the idea of just forgetting about all of her uncertainties, of forgetting about Rabb, of just crawling into Clay’s arms and letting her feelings take her wherever they wanted, had briefly crossed her mind. But then his cell phone had shrilled out its demand for attention, and she had simply said good night, before turning away and walking into the apartment and closing the door behind her. She’d known that Clay wanted her. She’d recognized that look on his face; the slightly glazed look in his eyes, the way he kept moistening his lips. It was the kind of sexual tension between a man and a woman that was virtually impossible to miss. Even for someone as evidently ignorant about men and their behavior as she seemed to be

‘Oh, come on, Sarah. Stop free indian porn sites thinking about this,’ she whined busty indian porn models

She’d never get to sleep at this rate, indian interracial lesbian porn and she was going to have to be on her toes at that early meeting. Well, there was one surefire way to relax, even if it wasn’t nearly as much fun to do all by yourself

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She’d wanted to just pull Clay into her apartment, shutting gay indian sex the door on everyone and everything else, and drag him with her into her bedroom.

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Lowering his head, he’d kiss south indian sex nude her gently. The next kiss would be firmer, and her lips would give way, just slightly, beneath his. She’d gasp slightly, as the very tip of his tongue brushed lightly and sensuously over her mouth. As her lips softened beneath his, he’d gently thrust his tongue into her mouth. She’d be able to taste the brandy on his breath, and that would excite her, just a little. Tentatively at first, her tongue would seek his out, fencing with his. For a long time, they’d just stand there, their mouths hungrily exploring each other, their bodies pressed against each other.

Then, finally, reaching up, he would loosen her indian college girls hot pussy hair, and it would fall down to her shoulders, his hands sliding through it, singling out one curl, which he’d take between two fingers and kiss. Reaching up, she’d softly caress his face, feeling the faint stubble of whiskers beneath her fingertips indian fetish mom

She’d undo his tuxedo jacket, and push it off of his indian nudes shoulders and down his arms, dropping it to the floor. Then she’d undo his bow tie and the studs on his shirt, baring him to the waist. He’d be very close to her, and she’d be able to smell the male scent of him, along with just a hint of his cologne

‘God, I love indian xxx torrent his cologne. I wonder if it’s Polo?†indian pussy bookmarks mature indian pornography

She’d feel the heat of his body, and history of indian masks see the pulse beating wildly at the base of his throat. He would pull away from her, without saying a word, and, not stopping with his shirt, which would follow his jacket onto the floor, he’d take off the rest of his clothes, with almost frantic haste.

His hazel eyes would look at her thoughtfully, south american indian porn then he’d reach out and slowly unzip her dress, just enough to slide it down her shoulder and free her breasts. His thumb would slowly encircle her nipple, already thrusting forward with a desire she couldn’t hide, and then he’d lower his dark head to take it into his mouth, to tease it with his warm, velvety tongue. movies indian shaman indian sex movies

‘Oh, indian aunties nude God, that feels wonderful.вЂ

His hands would push her dress cumming on indian girls tits a little further down her arm, and, finally, with the help of gravity, it would fall with a silken hiss to the floor, leaving her bare to his eyes free indian sex tales

‘I really ought to cut back east indian nude on those Beltway burgers.вЂ

Then his hands would slide indian porn video down her sides, filling themselves with her hips, caressing her legs. He’d slide one hand along the satiny skin of her leg, to stroke her between her trembling thighs. He’d find her already wet with desire for him, and his hand would tease deliciously at her, the fingers seeking, finding, stroking, as she writhed under his touch. When those fingers found what they were looking for, she’d have to bite her lip to keep from crying out loud. And as he’d touch her, she’d find herself unable to keep from caressing him in return. Her fingers would move through his hair, enjoying the silky feel of it.

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‘God, I’ve always south indian xxx adults movies wanted to touch his hair!вЂ

Her hands would caress the back of his neck and indian nude pics sweep down over his smooth, muscled shoulders, down to his firm buttocks, and she’d dig her nails lightly into the hard flesh of his back, making him groan in anticipation of further delights

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By now, she’d be begging him to take her, to indian babes vidios make love to her, and that voice, that wonderful, incredibly sensual voice, would murmur in her ear, “Of course I will, Sarah.” Sometimes just hearing the sound of his voice, especially when he said her name, was enough to make her a little weak in the knees.

‘It’s probably a good thing that indian movies he hardly ever calls me anything but Mac at work!’ she thought, irreverently

He’d sweep her into his arms and walk across indian pornstars the room to lay her gently on the bed. His body would cover hers, their mouths open and their tongues entwined together again. The touch of his body on hers would be explosive. She would be able to feel every nuance: the dark hair on his legs and chest; the beat of his heart against hers; the softness of his skin; the very masculine, personal scent of him; the wiry curls between his legs that pressed against her own; his hardness pressing into her thigh. Together they would explore each other’s bodies, caressing, touching each other with tenderness, and anticipating, without haste, the final pleasure to come

Finally, with a sigh, free indian porn pics gallery she’d open her legs to him, murmuring against his mouth, “Oh, Clay! Yes!” And tenderly, slowly, he’d enter her. He’d grasp her hips, pulling her body even closer to his, thrusting back and forth until she whimpered with pleasure from feeling him, warm and hard, within her. He’d move slowly at first, with deep measured strokes, until she’d moan, softly, uncontrollably. Deep within her she would feel the tenseness mounting until it was almost unbearable. She’d be desperate for release, but he’d withhold it, easing off just a little until the tension receded like a wave from the shore. Then their thrusting would increase in speed, with her knowing that she was going to die from the pleasure he was giving her. Her teeth would sink into his shoulder to muffle her cries as they found release with each other

“Oh, desi indian sex magazines G=god... Oh, yes... Clay, I love you!вЂ

‘Well...’ She shook pictures of indian houses her head, wondering what deep recesses of her psyche *that* sentiment had come from

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Sarah knew she wanted more from Clayton Webb, from any man, indian pornstars names than just sex; she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the *right* man. If all she wanted was sex, she could get that any night of the week. But, no, she wanted, she *needed* much more than that. And she’d decided that, if she couldn’t have everything from a relationship, she’d rather have no relationship at all.

She wondered, now, hardcore indian after all the time they’d known each other, if Clay really knew what it was that *he* wanted from her. Would Clayton Webb be the man who could make the kind of commitment that she needed from the man in her life?

‘Does he do this?’ she wondered. ‘Does he lie in indian tribal pictures bed at night, and think of me, and do this?’ Would they ever share a bed, would she ever find out what he tastes like, if he’s ticklish, what he likes

Maybe someday. It was a New Year, indian man fucking woman after all, and maybe the next time the opportunity presented itself, she wouldn’t let it slip through her fingers

indian women porn stars ‘Oh, well, at least now maybe I’ll be able to sleep.вЂ

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Rating: NC-17Spoilers: Vague ones, up through back slut indian “Need To Know”Disclaimer: Not mine. I just borrowed them for a few minutes.Feedback: Please, no flamesArchive: Fine, as long as you tell me whereAuthor’s Notes: A response to Paula’s “Write it in an hour” challenge. Maybe this will break me out of my writer’s block...Not beta’d. All mistakes are my own

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‘God, hot bollywood sex indian nude actresses I’m tired.вЂ

It had been a long, exceptionally boring week. Training session for nude indian housewife new operatives... Boring... Regular Wednesday meeting with Director of the C.I.A.... Boring... Unscheduled meeting with the head of Homeland Security... Really, really boring...

‘God, this indian both sex is stupid.вЂ

He always hated it indian nude girls galleries when he got into one of these moods and began to feel sorry for himself

‘Really, Webb,’ he told himself, blackhawk indian pictures ‘Get a grip. Which would you prefer -- a long, boring week, or a crisis of really major proportions?’ He didn’t really even have to answer that question

‘Okay, so lazy indian women think about the good things that happened this week.’ And there were *some* good things

Had the brightest spot indian free sex clips in the week been playing doubles tennis last Saturday afternoon at the Congressional Racquet Club? If not the brightest, it ranked a close second.

‘Well, not so much the indian amature nudes free sites tennis match, as whom you ended up playing tennis with,’ he had to admit to himself.

A phone call from fucking indian actresses a college friend, asking him to meet him at the club, and an unexpected mix-up over scheduled court times had led to a compromise with the other players, Bobbi Latham and, will wonders never cease, Sarah Mackenzie.

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The blush she’d gotten on her face after she’d photos of native american indian pottery and skulls tripped and fallen down on the court had intrigued him. The lovely pink color suffusing her face had reminded him of strawberries whipped into cream, and had suddenly made him want to run his tongue over her body, to see if she tasted as good as she looked. Okay, this was a train of thought he needed to get off of, and fast, if he was going to get any sleep

‘Damn, why did I drink all that indian babe pic coffee so late in the evening? I’ll never get to sleep now,’ he grumbled to himself, as he rolled over in bed and punched the pillow into a more comfortable shape

He couldn’t sleep, and big tits indian he had that stupid meeting at JAG Headquarters that his idiot secretary scheduled for seven o’clock tomorrow morning. That had been an incredibly idiotic idea on Denise’s part.

Oh, he knew that meetings couldn’t always be scheduled indians horny at convenient times, but seven o’clock in the morning? He’d have to be up by at least six, and, on top of it all, Chegwidden and the other JAG lawyers would already be irritated with him for insisting on having the meeting at all. And he knew he’d hear about it from one or more of them later... and undoubtedly at great length.

‘Oh, well, at least I nude indian stars pics won’t have to sit in my stupid office all day long, bored out of my skull,’ he told himself. Since his return from Suriname, he was still being given the scut assignments, and hadn’t seen anything worthy of his talents in weeks

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At least when he got indian sexy teen to JAG, he could sit in Chegwidden’s plush office and have Tiner bring him a cup of coffee, then just sit back and enjoy the scenery. And the scenery around JAG was usually pretty nice in Chegwidden’s office, at least as long as Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie was around.

Every now indian ass nudes and then -- no more than once or twice a day -- he wondered what it would be like to shove everything on Chegwidden’s desk onto the floor, making love to her right there on that massive desk. But, of course, he wouldn’t, not if he wanted to preserve his nose or other, more sensitive, body parts

He’d always bad indian girls had a soft spot for Sarah Mackenzie, but his feelings for her had gotten progressively worse -- or was that better? -- over time. He’d watched Mackenzie and Rabb dance around a relationship for years, leaving everyone, them included, highly confused. He’d been in agony during her engagement to Mic Brumby; in fact, he’d declined an invitation to the wedding.